Soil preparer

Preparador lecho de siembra

It prepares a perfectly uniform seedbed and decompacts the soil optimally. In addition, it also allows working in the most favorable period, obtaining the best results on agricultural planning and increasing the productivity.


  • Savings in time and fuel
  • Less soil compaction by reducing the passes of the tractor wheels
  • Larger and more regular crops


Disc harrow

Grada monotubo


  • 150 x 100 x 8 mm steel beam
  • 51 mm fixed fork hook
  • 60mm square wheel shaft
  • Two eraser discs (optional)

In addition:

  • Blocking screw is standard, unifying the disc group to the chassis and thus avoiding the risk of hitting when working
  • Double system of high strength bearing on removable support
  • Steel scrapers in wear-resistant steel, adjusted to disc by support ramp. Its special shape fits perfectly to the disc.





  • Models: 3 m, 3.5 m and 4 m
  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic opening and transportation


Roller with plows


  • Models: 4 m, 5 m y 6 m
  • Hydraulic open and transportation